Ferrari makes some of the fastest cars on the planet but based on the first F&F movie, Japanese sports cars with the right modifications, can take them on and win easily. Any fan of the Fast & Furious franchise will remember the drag race between Brian O’Connor’s MkIV Toyota Supra and some rich upstart’s Ferrari […]

It’s the age old question, one that has even had many automotive enthusiasts unsure of where they stand. But we have decided to delve deeper into the science aspect of it all to find out if there really is a difference between filling up during the day or at night. Price of RON 95 fuel is […]

Before Range Rover puts its nine-speed automatic into their production car, Merc is stealing a jump by already launching their E350 BlueTec variants with the latest 9-GTronic transmission as standard. The gearbox was developed by the German marque itself. If you’re familiar with Merc’s 7-GTronic automatic transmissions, then it shows that you’ve done your homework. Mercedes-Benz […]